WP 110RS Visible Spectrophotometer

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16"W x 12"D x 8"H (outside)
90-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description The WP 110RS Model features a 10nm slit width and is designed to be used with ½" (13mm) round tubes or 10mm square cuvettes (an adaptor is supplied at no additional charge for 10mm square optical glass cuvettes). The WP 110RS is reliable and easy to use featuring automatic zeroing, one-touch blanking, and built-in automatic filters for easy operation. The large screen graphic LCD are easy to read and gives quick accurate readings in Absorbance, Transmittance, Factor, and Concentration. Each option can easily be selected with using the Mode button located on the control panel. High quality silicon photodiode detector and 1200 lines/mm grating assures high performance, while second order filters are built-in and automatically adjust as the wavelength is set. The WP 110RS offers a USB port to interface with windows-based computers.
An optional software package is available that allows users to perform a wider range of analyses and documentation (not required - extra cost).
The spectrophotometer comes with twelve round optical glass cuvettes, a square cuvette adapter, dust cover, and user manual

Wavelength Range: 335-1000nm
Slit width: 10nm
Optical System: Single Beam Grating System 1200 lines/mm
Wavelength Accuracy: ±2nm
Wavelength Repeatability: ±1nm
Display Graphic LCD; Absorbance, Transmittance, Factor & Concentration
Stray Energy: <=0.3% T at 340 and 400nm
Photometric Range: 0-125% Transmittance; 0-2.5 Absorbance; 0-9999C (0-9999F)
Photometric Accuracy: ±1% T
Data Output: USB & RS232
Light Source: Tungsten Halogen Lamp 6V/10W