X-Rite AutoScan DTP-41B Portable Colorimeter

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Dimensions (approx.):
7"W x 4.5"D x 3.5"H (outside)
120 Volts, 2.5A
Product Description The X-Rite AutoScan DTP41 Spectrophotometer is a 24-band color measurement instrument that reports densitometric, colorimetric, and spectral data. The instrument is primarily interfaced with Raster Image Processors (RIPs), Color Copiers, and Color Printers and Proofers utilizing third party color management software control. The instrument is open ended on the left side to read linear groups of patches on large media sheets without cutting. The instrument must be interfaced directly with one of the computer's Serial or USB ports. For attachment to a Mac Mini-DIN 8 Serial Port, you need to use the optional adapter. The X-RiteColor AutoScan Spectrophotometer has a unique automatic calibration feature. When the instrument performs a calibration procedure, the Color Reflection Reference is automatically scanned, simplifying the procedure. The instrument employs a number of self-checking procedures to verify calibration accuracy during normal use. When internal limits are exceeded, the computer calls for a calibration.
Measurement Geometry: 45/0 per ANSI/ISO 5-4 (IT2.17) (Reflection)
Spot Size at Sample:1.8mm (.070 in) in scan direction, 2.5mm (.097 in) wide
Spectral Range: 400nm to 700nm
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