AND EJ-1500 (1500g x 0.1g) 1-decimal Balance

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5 in. x 5.5 in. square pan (inside)
Product Description
The AND EJ-1500 has a capacity of 1500g x 0.1g. The Newton series from AND offers a compact and reliable balance with a 5 years warranty at an affordable price. All models are with a standard plastic housing with a stainless steel weighing pan and levelling bubble.
~ LCD display with backlight
~ Percentage and counting
~ USB or RS-232 interface optional
~ Battery (4 x AA not included) or AC power
~ Full digital calibration
~ Underhook weighing
~ Specific Gravity function
~ Check-weighing capability
~ Fast - 1 second response time
This item ships from Komoka, ON.
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