Buck Scientific 230ATS Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

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AA Spectrometer
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39"L x 11"W x 12"H (outside)
100-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description
The New 230ATS will continue Buck's long tradition of making single beam AAS with in-line Deuterium background correction. The simple optical design gives these systems superior energy, and better results than double beam AA systems. The unique design also allows our instruments to have a smaller footprint and a lower cost.
The Buck 230ATS is a high energy, microprocessor controlled single beam atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Solid state electronics and simple optics provide the basis for our superior stability and sensitivity. The Ebert mount monochromator and user-selectable bandwidth give the system maximum flexibility. Our short-path dynamic nebulizer/burner configuration is highly efficient. An inert needle, precisely positioned in a high flow venturi, delivers sample to the corrosion proof impact bead. This results in a tremendously high nebulization effect for all types of sample matrices.

With a 10" touchscreen computer on-board guiding you through your analysis, using an AA Spectrophotometer has never been easier! The All new Graphical User Interface utilizes five tabbed screens for; Analysis, controls, library, calibration, and samples. The 4 front facing USB ports make connecting a mouse and extracting data onto usb flash discs easy! The Hideaway keyboard makes naming your samples easy and conveniently tucks in when not in use.

~ 10" color touchscreen
~ Automated wavelength setting
~ Automated slit selection
~ Easy to operate 5 tab GUI (Graphical User Interface)
~ Small and lightweight 39"L x 11"W x 12"H; 50 lbs
~ 4 USB ports for printer, mouse, and keyboard
~ Stable, Reliable, & Easy to use.
~ 3 lamp turret with 3 lamp power supply,
~ Ink Jet printer with spare black cartridge
~ High energy optical design for the best As & Se results in the industry
~ Compact size and light weight
~ Military grade design stands up to years of corrosive environment usage.
~ D2 Background correction
~ Low cost consumables and maintenance
~ Manufactured and supported in the USA
~ No service contract needed
~ CE certified
~ Leasing options available for domestic customers
~ Free In-House training for the life of your instrument

~ Detector: model 928; wide range general purpose, 190-930nm
~ Optional Detectors: model 955; UV enhanced, wide-range, 190-930nm
~ Lenses: Supracil - amorphous silica
~ Monochromator: 0.25m Ebert mount
~ Grating: 32nm x 27nm; 600 grooves/mm
~ Wavelength adjustment: 3 digit motor driven, 0 to 1000nm +0.1 nm
~ Reproducibility: +0.1 nm
~ Resolution: variable slit - 2Å, 7Å, and 20Å
~ Operating Modes:
~ Absorbance/Emission: -0.0820 to 3.2000
~ Concentration: to 5 significant digits
~ Integration Period: 0.1 to 99.9 seconds
~ Screen Refresh : 0.224, 0.448 or 0.896 seconds
~ Recorder Output: 1V/ABS (-0.08 to 3.2V)
~ Background Correction: In-line Deuterium Arc
~ Hollow Cathode Lamps:
~ Dimension: 1.5" OD
~ Striking Voltage: 500V
~ Lamp Current: 0 to 18 mA average current (typical current is 1.5-8.0 mA)
~ Duty Cycle: 25%
~ Modulation Frequency: (142 Hz Nominal)
~ Burner Assembly:
~ Design: Polyethylene Pre-mix chamber, glass impact bead dispersion
~ Burner Head: Titanium; air-acetylene head - 4" x 0.026" single slot
~ (nitrous oxide head - 2" x 0.019" single slot)
~ Adjustments: Horizontal and Vertical positioning
~ Performance:
~ Average Noise (at 3__): 0.0018 ABS (Cu at 324.7nm, 7Å slit, 5 sec. int.)
~ Sensitivity: see specific element chart (Sect. 4)
~ Reproducibility: <+5% relative standard deviation

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Made in USA.
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