Buck Scientific HC-404 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

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Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Analyzer, TPH
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Product Description
The Model HC-404 is a self contained, fixed wavelength infrared analyzer designed for rapid accurate analysis of total petroleum hydrocarbons in water, soil and sludge samples. For ASTM methods D7066-04, 418.1 & 413.2

Fixed wavelength 2930 cm-1 (3.42µ) allows for quick analysis without unnecessary scanning.
Digital readout in %T and absorbance, or in concentration mode for direct ppm readings.
Accommodates 10, 50, or 100 mm quartz cells for analysis to 1ppm or lower detection levels.
Built-in scale expansion and extended linear range for high concentration, using a simple 3-step calibration.
Peltier cooled PbSe detector provides greater than 2500 to 1 signal to noise ratio, resulting in the very best detection levels and excellent instrument stability.
Small foot print requires minimal lab space.
Hot quartz halogen source for the highest output possible.
Instrument simplicity. Intuitive controls allow for immediate operation.
analyzing water on offshore oil rigs
on-site oil in water analysis
monitoring of oil & water separation systems
TPH in soil at clean up sites or around underground oil tanks
measurement of oil residue in solvent from metal parts cleaning
Testing hydrocarbon levels in recycled solvents

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Buck Scientific HC-404 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer
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