BYK-Gardner Color-Guide 45/0 (6807) Portable Colorimeter

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Product Description
The Byk Color-Guide 45/0 spectrophotometer offers color measurement for specific applications
Color Control of Small Parts - Keyboards, pens and window handles require a color instrument with a very small aperture and a repeatable sample placement. color-guide 45/0, 4 mm aperture together with the optional sample holder guarantee repeatable results and a convenient sample placement.
~ Minimum sample size: 5 x 5 mm (0.2 x 0.2 in)
Color Control of Powdered Material - When measuring powdery or granular material like raw material pucks or grainy food, the instrument's optics must be protected. The color-guide spectrophotometer with glass sealed aperture uses a colorless, optical glass and can directly measure such products, thus saving sample preparation time.
Professional Documentation with easy-link- ISO 9000 requires documentation of color data. easy-link, included with the color-guide, offers all of the necessary tools:
~ Easy and direct data transfer from the instrument to ExcelR
~ Predefined QC-report templates (Lab-plot, trend graph) are included
~ All relevant quality data can be easily summarized in one report: Color. Gloss. Film Thickness
~ Easy management of your standards: standard back-up and establishing of production tolerances

To assist you in analyzing your color readings, understanding how to set tolerances and as a result be able to use the color-guide spectrophotometer to save time and money and at the same time improve your quality, the instrument comes with a half day training course including:

1. Color Theory
~ The building blocks of color: illuminant, observer, object
~ Color differences with interpretation

2. Operation and Software Training
~ Measure samples and standards by single and average readings
~ Save, recall and delete measurements
~ Change illuminants, observers, color scales
~ Direct data transfer to Excel

Geometry: 45/0
Aperture: 4mm (20mm aperture available at additional cost)
Spectral Range: 400-700 nm, 20 nm resolution
Repeatability: 0.01 deltaE* (10 readings on white tile)
Reproducibility: 0.2 deltaE* (average on 12 BCRA II tiles)
Color Systems: CIELab/Ch; Lab(h); XYZ; Yxy
Color Differences: deltaE*; deltaE(h); deltaEFMC2; deltaE94; deltaECMC; deltaE99; deltaE2000
Indices: YIE313; YID1925; WIE313; CIE; Berger; Color strength; Opacity; Metamerism
Illuminants: A; C; D50; D55; D65; D75; F2; F6; F7; F8; F10; F11; UL30
Observer: 2°; 10ü°
Memory: 200 Standards, 999 Samples

**** CAN GET A SAMPLE HOLDER FOR SMALL PARTS AT ADDITIONAL COST (Sample holder for the 4 and 11 mm aperture color spectrophotometers)
The following link provides additional information from the manufacturer's brochure. Click to open the PDF in a new window or right-click to download it:
BYK Color-Guide 45/0 (6807) Portable Colorimeter or copy the following into your browser address window:
Made in Germany.


Comes complete with:
Black calibration standard
White calibration standard with certificate
Green checking reference
Sample area locator (6814)
Software easy-link (4545)
Interface cable (6822)
4 x AA batteries
Hand strap
Carrying case

Optional accessories available at additional cost:
4545 easy-link
6810 Black Standard, color-guide
6814 Sample Area Locator 4 mm
6818 spectro-guide station
6822 USB cable for
6825 Sample Holder 4 mm for 6807
6826 Foam disc
6827 Plastic disc, cylindrical groove
6828 Blank disc

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