BYK Gardner byko-test 4200 Fe (3634) Film Thickness Gauge

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4"W x 2.5"D x 1.1"H (outside)
Product Description
The byko-test 4500/4200 film thickness gauges allows for the measurement of a variety of products. No cable exchange or calibration is needed when changing from a ferrous to a non-ferrous substrate. The large LCD display and 10 second retention of the last measured value makes the byko-test 4500/4200 easy to use.

- Compact pocket size instrument
- One-handed design for ease of use
- Switchable from mils to microns
- Strong, wear resistant ruby probe tip
- V-groove in probe for positioning on cylindrical parts
- Acoustic signal for measurement confirmation
- Automatic substrate recognition
- Extended measuring range
- Faster measuring speed
- Graphic display with backlight
For sample areas that are difficult to reach, the byko-test 4500/4200 EC models come with an 1 meter length extension cable. The extension cable offers more flexibility to position the sensor

Substrate Fe: steel or iron
Substrate NFe: non-magnetic metals: aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, stainless steel
Measuring Range: Fe: 0 - 3000 ìm (0 - 120 mils)
NFe: 0 - 3000 ìm (0 - 120 mils)
Accuracy: ± (2µm + 3 %*)
Minimum Curvature: 5 mm (0.2 in) convex; 30 mm (1.2 in) concave
Minimum Substrate Thickness: Fe: 0.2 mm (0.01 in)
NFe 0,05 mm (0,002 in)
Minimum Area of Measurement: 10 x 10 mm (0.4 x 0.4 in)
Power Supply 2 x AA Batteries
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BYK Gardner byko-test 4200 Fe (3634) Film Thickness Gauge
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