Caframo A118 Stand for Stirrer

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This manual lift, heavy duty stand and base provides a solid mount for the Caframo Crossover model 1540 when mixing in drums or tanks up to 122 cm (48 in.) in diameter. This stand comes with a removable caster base which allows the stand to be installed permanently to the floor or any surface. The four swiveling caster base provides smooth travel and easy portability. When relocation is complete, two casters lock in place. Height is manually adjusted from 99 to 145 cm (39 to 57 in), in one inch increments secured in place by a clevis pin. The vertical mounting plate provides a clamping surface for the C-clamp to attach to - easy one person installation.

Stand Height: 99 cm - 145 cm (39 in.- 57 in.)
Caster Base Footprint: 102 cm x 102 cm (40 in. x 40 in.)
Square Base Footprint: 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm (12 in. x 12 in.)
Square Base Mounting: 6.4 mm (¼ in.) thickness, with four 14 mm x 25 mm (9/16 in. x 1 in.) slots and 250 mm (10 in.) center mounting holes secured with 13 mm (½ in.) anchor bolts
Weight Capacity: 91 kg (200 lb) maximum
Vessel: 122 cm (48 in.) maximum diameter
Material: Carbon steel, painted

You can order a C-clamp set, which allows maximum flexibility and functionality. Angle the mixer into the vessel to improve mixing efficiencies. Position the mixer to accommodate additional equipment or simplify complex configurations. The C-clamp design allows the mixer to be mounted to any stable vertical support, stand, frame, or drum. A single bolt positions mixer at desired angle on two axes. Set includes C-clamp, clamp adaptor, and hardware.

You can also order a mounting plate - A sturdy simple mounting solution for the Caframo Crossover. The 260 x 100 mm (10 x 4 in) plate secures to existing horizontal surfaces, mixing equipment, drum brackets or industrial stands. Slotted bolt pattern provides wide flexibility.

Impellors also sold separately.
Made in Canada.
This item ships from Georgian Bluffs, ON.
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