Cenco Dunuoy 70535000 Surface Tension Tensiometer

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Interfacial tension
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19 in.W x 15 in.D x 15 in.H (outside)
Product Description
The CSC DuNouy Precision Tensiometer provides precise readings of upward interfacial and surface tensions by the ring method to values reproducible within ±0.05 dyne/cm. Instrument is specified for determining interfacial tension of oil against water by the ring method in ASTM Method D971 and solutions of surface-active agents in ASTM Method D1331. It is also specified for testing synthetic rubber lattices in ASTM Method D1317 and determining the surface tension of industrial water and industrial wastewater in ASTM Method D1590.

~ RAPID MEASUREMENT: Ring method allows readings to be made in 15-30 seconds.
~ DIRECT READING; Circular scale is graduated in dynes/cm eliminating the need for mathmatical calculations.
~ REPRODUCIBLE RESULTS: Improved technique allows accurate readings to be reproduced within ±0.05 dyne/cm.
~ PORTABILITY: Compact unit comes with a carrying case for easy transport.
~ STABILITY: Unit is mounted on a cast tripod support with convenient leveling screws.
Made in USA.


iridium ring
carrying case
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