GR Scientific Aquamax KF Plus Coulometric Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator

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Dimensions (approx.):
10"W x 9.5"D x 5"H (outside)
100-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description
Aquamax KF Plus titrators have been specifically designed for the determination of water content. Combining coulometry with the Karl Fischer method, Aquamax KF titrators determine the water content of samples by measuring the amount of electrolysis current necessary to produce the required iodine - this is an absolute technique which does not require the calibration of reagents.
The Aquamax KF Plus is a truly versatile model which includes a built-in battery and printer to enable use in areas where the power supply is irregular. Low Drift Cell twin port glassware, results manager software and accessories are supplied as standard. As well as being a standalone instrument, the Aquamax KF Plus can be combined with an Oil Evaporator or a Solids Evaporator system. Suitable for a wide range of applications the Aquamax KF Plus can be used to determine water contents of liquids, gases and solids.
The Aquamax KF Plus offers many advantages over competition. Easy to use - simple to programme so that only a single button needs to be pressed for a titration, everything else is automatic. Results can also be downloaded via the
Results Manager software package onto a pc spreadsheet.

Key Features
~ Simple operation
~ 10 user programmable methods
~ 1ppm / 100%
~ Results in ppm, mg/kg, % & ìg water
~ Multi language display & print out
~ Small footprint
~ Integral high speed printer
~ Fully portable
~ Low drift cell design
~ Automatically compensated errors (patented technique)
~ Results Manager software

RESULTS MANAGER: This is a windows application that allows you to view and print sets of results created by the Aquamax KF Coulometric. It can download results directly from the titrator through a serial port connection, or open result files previously saved to disk. The Results Manager package contains all necessary cables, connections, installation cd and user manual. For those who need to use the titrator outside of the laboratory and do not have a pc or laptop with them, our removable flash drive (memory stick) will store all the results. This flash drive can then be connected to a pc and results downloaded through Results Manager when returning to the laboratory. The Results Manager Software is supplied as a standard item included with the Aquamax KF.

The Aquamax KF Plus is supplied complete with a unique Low Drift Cell glassware pack comprising titration vessel, generator electrode, detector electrode, desiccant tube and all necessary leads, septa, caps & fittings. A choice of generator electrodes is available, either with or without frit. For most applications the electrode with frit, and which uses both anode and cathode reagents, is preferred, however for some applications, for example polymers, a fritless electrode and single coulometric reagent is more suitable. The LDC glassware design is by far the easiest to use and also the most robust. The electrode locking system allows the joints to seal completely, without the use of grease or PTFE sleeves, and provides improved baseline stability. Hassle free assembly and disassembly.

1. Qty 1 x 101001 Aquamax KF Plus main unit
2. Qty 1 x 503053 Titration Vessel Twin Port
3. Qty 1 x 503054 Detector Electrode with lead
4. Qty 1 x 503055 Generator Electrode (with frit) with lead
5. Qty 1 x 50305 Desiccant tube & cap
6. Qty 2 x 503073 Thermal paper roll
7. Qty 1 x 503072 Funnel
8. Qty 1 x 503070 Molecular sieve 100ml
9. Qty 1 x 101005 Results Manager Software with USB
10. Qty 1 x 401607 Mains power pack
11. Qty 1 x ten-pack of Injection Port Septa
12. Qty 1 x 1 ml Glass Gas-Tight Syringe,
13. Qty 2 x Luer-Lock Needles
14 Qty 1 x Magnetic Stir Bar
15. Qty 1 x setup DVD

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES (available at additional cost):
~ Aquamax KF Oil Evaporator (For water content determination of additives, lube oils, base oils, automatic transmission fluids, hydrocarbon solvents, and other petroleum products)
~ Aquamax KF Solids Evaporator (For water content determination of solids such as plastics, nylons, paper, powders, etc)
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Made in England.
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