IKA A 11 Basic Analytical Grinding Mill

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Dimensions (approx.):
3"diam x 10"H (outside)
100-115 or 220-230 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 160W
Product Description
Batch stainless steel mill for 2 different grinding procedures:
Impact grinding of hard, brittle or non-elastic grinding materials with high-grade stainless steel beater. This beater can be used for a Mohs hardness up to 6 (incl. with delivery).
Cutting grinding for pulverizing soft, fibrous materials with a cutting blade (not incl. with delivery).
~ Moist and gluey materials can be pulverized by adding water
~ Grinding chamber made of Tefcel (PTFE, glass fiber-reinforced) with stainless steel inlet (1.4571), useful volume 80 mL (incl. with delivery). For embrittlement of grinding materials with liquid nitrogen in the grinding chamber
~ Optionally, a 250mL grinding chamber is available (at extra cost)
Feed grain max size: 10mm
Mill feed can be cooled in milling chamber with dry ice or liquid nitrogen.

A11.1 Spare beater
A11.2 Cutting blade
A11.3 Beater (tungsten carbide coated)
A11.4 Grinding chamber (250 ml)
A11.5 Spare grinding chamber (80 ml)
A11.6 Double beater
A11.7 Funnel

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