KEM Kyoto Electronics DA-130N Portable Density Meter

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The KEM DA-130N Portable Density Meter offers a lot in a small, ergonomically-designed instrument. It can satisfy many applications, including Brix testing, and meeting the ASTM D7777 oscillation method standard.

Typical applications include:
Density measurement of crude oil, fuel oil and lubricant oil.
Oscillation method is specified in ASTM D 7777.
Density or Brix measurement of various beverages such as milk, soft drink, fruit drink, etc.
Measurement of alcohol or extract concentration of beer, whisky, wine, shochu(Japanese distilled alcohol), Japanese sake(fermented alcohol), etc.
Measurement of Brix or constituent concentration of food materials for quality control purposes.
Density or Specific Gravity measurement of oils and fats such as vegetable oil, animal fat and oil, etc.
Conforming to Japanese Pharmacopoeia.
Concentration check of etching solution or acid pickling solution for electronic parts.
Concentration check of flux or plating solution.

Capable of testing the density of samples with a viscosity of up to 2,000 cP.
Suction and discharge can be performed with the thumb and forefinger of either hand.
Backlight display improves readability of displayed characters.
Both time of day and operator's name can be printed out.
Infrared port is standard equipped for easy data transmission (conforming to IrDA ver1.2).
Twice as much battery life as the competition.

The display shows density, temperature compensated density, specific gravity, temperature compensated specific gravity, Brix %, alcohol concentration, sulfuric acid concentration, API concentration, Baume degree, Plato and Proof degree.

Graphic LCD can display temperature (°C/°F), sample number, auto sensing oscillation stability, auto data saving, auto data output, data deletion, battery capacity indicator, and the like.

~ Range: 0.0000 to 2.0000 g/cm3
~ Resolution: 0.0001 g/cm3
~ Accuracy: ±0.001 g/cm3
~ Backlit display: Density, temp-compensated density, SG, temp-compensated SG, Brix%, Alcohol wt%, Alcohol vol%, %H2SO4, API degree, Baume degree, Plato degree, Proof degree, Temperature in ° C/° F, Sample No., Stability, Data storage, Data output, Data deletion, Battery level, etc.
~ Temperature compensation: Up to 10 coefficients for temperature compensation can be entered
~ Auto calibration: Density of water at each temperature, required for calibration of measuring cell, is pre-installed.
~ Sampling by: Syringe-type hand pump
~ Data storage: Up to 1,100 samples
~ External output: Infrared communications port (conforming to IrDA Ver. 1.2) Conversion to RS-232C output
~ Power supply: Alkaline battery LR03 (AAA) 1.5V 2pcs
~ Battery life: Approx. 90 hours
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Made in Japan.


Optional accessories available at additional cost:
Calibration Fluid, Water, 0.99821 g/cm3, 10 mL, pk/2 Calibration Fluid, Dichlorotoluene/Water, 1.249 g/cm3, 10 mL
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