Koehler K17100 / K17190 Blocking & Picking Points Apparatus

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Specify 115 or 230 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description
Blocking point and picking point are indicators of the temperature above which surface film injury will occur when waxed surfaces come in contact with one another as on a roll of wax paper. Paper test specimens are coated with the wax sample, folded with the waxed surfaces together, and heated on a metal blocking plate having a measured temperature gradient. After a specified period, the specimens are removed and unfolded, and the points at which film disruption occurred are noted together with their corresponding temperatures.

Features and Benefits:
- Conforms to ASTM D1465 and TAPPI T652 specifications
- Choice of Type A or Type B Blocking Plates

Applies wax samples to paper test specimens and creates a temperature gradient for determining blocking point and picking point temperatures.

Wax Coating Device - Coats paper with wax samples per ASTM specifications. Consists of an insulated electrically heated hot wax bath and a cooling water bath with doctor rods and paper roller. Variable auto transformer and 200W heater situated underneath the hot wax bath heat sample to a temperature above the melting point. Doctor rods connect to an external hot water supply to maintain proper temperature. Cooling bath has water inlet/outlet fittings, and each bath has a built-in paper guide.

Blocking Plates - Choice of Type A or Type B plates per ASTM specifications. Type A Aluminum Blocking Plate uses a strip heater and cooling coil on opposite ends of the block to create a temperature gradient. Six thermocouples along the length of the block input to accessory Digital Thermometer. Accommodates eight rows of paper test specimens. Type B Aluminum Blocking Plate uses two thermostatically controlled baths to establish a temperature gradient, with the ends of the plate extending into the baths. Cold bath has a cooling coil and 100W immersion heater; hot bath has a 300W immersion heater. Thermoregulators and motor stirrers provide uniform temperature control in each bath. Ten thermocouples along the length of the block input to accessory Digital Thermometer. Accommodates six rows of test specimens.

Digital Thermometer - Ten-channel microprocessor based digital thermocouple thermometer with large LED display. Ten-position front panel rotary selector switch. Mounted in a heavy duty bench case.

Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D1465; TAPPI T652

Included Accessories
Type A Blocking Plate:
Steel weights, 1x1x30"(8)
Sponge rubber pads (8)
IC thermocouples (6)


Type B Blocking Plate:
Steel weights, 1x1x6" (24)
Sponge rubber pads (8)
IC thermocouples (10)
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