Koehler K46001 Cloud and Pour-Point Tester for Petroleum

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10.5 diameter x 12"H (outside)
Product Description
This Koehler K46001 Cloud- and Pour-Point tester is a compact four-place portable chamber for the immersion of copper test jackets in suitable freezing mixtures at the required depth per ASTM specifications. This model includes inlet and outlet connections for circulating refrigerated coolant from an external source. Consists of steel exterior housing with polyurethane enamel finish and all-copper interior for corrosion resistance. Removable composition top plate and 1/2" cork insulation around interior aid in cold retention.
Conforms to ASTM D97, D2500 and related specifications. Supplied with copper jackets, gaskets, disks, and thermometer holders for four test jars and one cooling bath.
Order test jars and thermometers separately.

332-004-001 Test Jar - Clear, flat bottom jar with sample height graduation.
250-000-05F ASTM 5F Thermometer - Range: -36 to +120F
250-000-05C ASTM 5C Thermometer - Range: -38 to +50C
250-000-06F ASTM 6F Thermometer - Range: -112 to +70F
250-000-06C ASTM 6C Thermometer - Range: -80 to +20C
K46120 Cork Disk
AS568-219 Gasket, for test jar
K460-0-8 Thermometer Holder, for test jar
K460-1-7B Copper Jacket
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Koehler K46001 Cloud and Pour-Point Tester for Petroleum
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