Labconco WaterPro PS 9000521 Water Deionizer

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Dimensions (approx.):
31.1"W x 7.5"D x 30.1"H (outside)
115 Volts, 60 Hz,
Product Description
The WaterPro Polishing Station delivers purified Type I, TOC <10ppb water at a rate of 1.8L/min depending on pressure and flow rate from a source. System utilizes carbon filtration and water deionization. Can be fed by tap or by a pretreated source. Built in control panel features user defined unattended dispensing of water without risk of overfilling. This package includes an optional dispensing gun.

We also carry more sensitive WaterPro PS purifiers for analytical and life science applications, please inquire.

Unit's main features include:
~ Automatic/intermittent recirculation through polishing loop to maintain water quality, minimize bacterial growth and reduce rinse up time
~ Attractive and corrosion-resistant Type 304 stainless steel front panel
~ Unpigmented virgin natural polypropylene bowls have no impurities to contaminate water.
~ Water quality alert. LED flashes the actual megohm-cm when water quality falls below set point.
~ Built-in dispensing center
~ Quiet 1/4 hp motor and rotary vane recirculation pump
~ Dispensing valve
~ Wall mountable

Requires a General Chemitry/UF Polishing Kit sold separately.

There are international electrical configurations available if required.

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