LW Scientific Innovation Infinity Binocular Microscope

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Compound Microscope
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15 x 8.5 x 16 in.H (outside)
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The Binocular Innovation microscope is equipped to ease the burden on the busiest and most discriminating lab technicians and specialists. Powerful performance, crisp clarity, and rugged construction, backed by a lifetime warranty on optical and mechanical components, make the Innovation a valued addition to any laboratory.

Developed with high-contrast infinity PLAN objectives, the Innovation microscope produces sharp, crisp, flat-field images across the entire field of view. Whether spending hours scanning cytologies or counting differentials, a flat field of view will ensure that the critical cells at the edge of view are just as clear and focused as those cells in the middle. The infinity optical system, as found on the most expensive research microscopes, is the premium platform for the highest contrast and resolution.

This 4-objective model features 4x-10x-40x-100x (oil) objectives on a 4-hole reverse nosepiece. The reverse nosepiece allows for greater access to slides for quick changes. This model is also availalbe with a 5-place nosepiece, with a 20X objective in addition to the others listed above - please request pricing. Add an optional 50x OIL objective for the highest resolution and to double the field-of-view of the 100x OIL objective. Plus, users can stay in oil while scanning under 50x then flip to the 100x for a closer look at a questionable cell, without fear of dipping the 40x objective into oil.

The physical eye-tube diameter is 30mm, much larger than standard 23mm eyepieces, and the field number 22mm allows for a much broader view under each objective power. These eyepieces feature a HIGH FOCAL POINT, meaning that the eyes stay farther away allowing users to keep their eyeglasses on while using the microscope. Additionally, each eyepiece has a built-in diopter adjustment for quick corrections for a weak left or right eye.

The head is inclined 30-degrees for a comfortable user posture. It accommodates interpupillary widths from 50mm to 75mm and can be rotated 180-degrees upward to a higher position for taller users. Choose either a binocular head for routine use or a low-profile trinocular head for mounting any C-mount or eyetube-type camera. The trinocular head comes complete with both C-mount and eyetube pipes, which are often high-cost accessories from other major microscope brands.

The mechanical stage will accommodate two slides at once, for faster scanning and comparisons. Adjustable friction can be set for lighter or firmer coarse focusing, eliminating stage drift.

The bright, white, uniform LED illumination maintains constant daylight-color, showing stained specimens in their true vibrant colors. With variable intensity, it is more than bright enough for routine brightfield microscopy and also well suited for applications such as phase contrast and darkfield. The LED bulb lasts approximately 50,000 hours, which could be up to 20 years under normal clinical use. The bulb generates very little heat as opposed to the traditional halogen models, and it uses a tenth of the energy.
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