Miza 75 75 degree Gloss Meter

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DOI, distinctness of image, RSPEC, haze, orange peel, Goniophotometer, RIQ, reflected imag
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6 x 2 x 3"H (outside)
Product Description
The MIZA 75° gloss meter has been re-designed for 2020 to be more accurate, more robust and has a new larger improved screen for easier reading of the data. This single angle 75° TAPPI Gloss Meter is made to only measure paper and paperboard products at 75° "degrees" under the TAPPI Standard Method.
This GLOSS METER is in accordance with TAPPI T480OM for paper & paperboard Standard Method.

The MIZA 75° TAPPI T480 Glossmeter is an accurate robust gloss meter to measure gloss of all paper and paperboard applications at 75° degrees. This glossmeter includes a full ISO Certificate with measured values compared to the Master values. This is not the low cost cheap glossmeter. Ours has been tested on over a dozen different gloss standard tiles to determine it works very well. The Measuring Area is based on the TAPPI unique opening and the measurement area is 7x20mm.

The meter is suitable for low to moderate gloss coated and uncoated papers and from low to moderate gloss ink films. The TAPPI MIZA meter measures from 0GU to 150 GU at 75°. If you need to measure very high gloss, we also have a 20° gloss meter.

For high-gloss coated, cast-coated, lacquered, highly varnished or waxed papers, and high-gloss ink films, the 60° degree is advisable as the TAPI standard is only for paper.

The MIZA TAPPI 75° glossmeter competes with the most expensive but has a much more reasonable price tag and the longest warranty. The TAPPI MIZA meter displays gloss, reflectance, and averages on the screen.

Bluetooth Smart Communication
Excellent Accuracy as measured on Gloss Calibration Standards traceable to NIST
Auto Diagnostics
Auto Shutoff
Haze Measurement Included at 75°
Super Easy to Use, Press on and start measuring
Included Certificate with Std vs. Measured Gloss Values
Three 3 Full Years of Warranty - Longest in the Industry
Memory: 10,000 measurements
20,000 TAPPI Measurements per battery
1-AA battery, no charger required, thus no downtime
Comes with Glossmeter, glossmeter holder with calibration standard, traceable certificate, user's manual, zippered case

Measuring Range: 0-150 GU
Spectral Sensitivity: CIE ill.C
Resolution: 0.1GU
Geometry: 75°
Light Resources: LED
Repeatability: 0.2 GU
Reproducability: 0.5 GU
Deviation: ±1.5GU
Zero Deviation: 0.2GU
Operating Temperature: 41-104°F (5-40°C)
Storage Temperature: 14-140°F (-10 to 60°C)
Measurement Area: 140 mm² (7x20mm)
Efficiency: 20,000 measurements
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