Restek 22654 + ProFLOW 6000 Gas Leak Detector With Flow Meter

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2 x AA batteries Volts,
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Includes Restek electronic leak detector & ProFLOW 6000 flowmeter

Checking for leaks and verifying flows before you start helps you avoid costly problems later, so protect your instrument and improve data quality with this powerful pair from Restek.

~ Detectable gases: helium, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen
~ Essential tool for troubleshooting and routine maintenance of your gas chromatograph
~ Leak detector specifications
~ Rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) internal battery pack
~ One year warranty(excludes recalibration)
~ Gas detection limits measured in atm cc/sec

Check for leaks often and protect your GC column and instrument with a Restek leak detector.

Minimum Detectable Gas Limits and Indicating LED Color:
Helium - 1.0×10-5, red LED
Hydrogen - 1.0×10-5, red LED
Nitrogen - 1.4×10-3, yellow LED
Argon - 1.0×10-4, yellow LED
Carbon dioxide - 1.0×10-4, yellow LED

CAUTION: Indoor use only. The Restek electronic leak detector should only be used to detect trace amounts of hydrogen in a noncombustible environment. It is NOT designed for determining leaks in a combustible environment. A combustible gas detector should be used for determining combustible gas leaks under any condition. When using it to detect hydrogen, the Restek electronic leak detector may only be used for determining trace amounts in a GC environment.
Made in USA.
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