Miza 20/60 20/60-degree Gloss Meter

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DOI, distinctness of image, RSPEC, haze, orange peel, Goniophotometer, RIQ, reflected imag
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6 x 2 x 3"H (outside)
Product Description
20/60 High Gloss ASTM D 523 dual gloss Glossmeter is an accurate well built two angle gloss meter special for High Gloss Applications to measure 99% of all applications. It can compete with the best but has a lower price tag making it a winner at best value. The MIZA GJ-10100 displays gloss, reflectance and averages on the screen.

Memory: 10000 measurements or 999 data groups
Power Supply: A single AA battery
Comes with Glossmeter, calibration holder with working standard, traceable certificate, software, cable to PC, user's manual, carrying bag.

Measuring Range: 0 - 2000 GU
Deviation: ±1.5 GU or ±1.5%
Measuring Area: 9 x 10 / 9 x 16 mm
Measuring Angle: 20° - 60°
Power Supply: 1 AA battery
Standards Gloss: ASTM D 523 ISO 2813
Standards Haze : ASTM D 4039
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