Rotronic HygroPalm HP23-AW Set Portable Water Activity Meter

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Product Description
The HygroPalm HP23-AW, with 2 interchangeable probes (includes 1 probe), offers the perfect solution for on-site water activity measurements to confirm product stability and indicate shelf life. The set comes in a lightweight ABS carry case and includes everything needed for measurement and calibration checks.

It offers fast and accurate instruments for the measurement of water activity of foods, seeds, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.
~ Measures AW, humidity and temperature (aw or %RH and °C/°F)
~ Range of application: 0...1 aw (0...100 %RH) / -10...60°C
~ Accuracy: ± 0.8 %RH (0.008 aw) / ± 0.1 K
~ 2 probe inputs for interchangeable HC2 probes
~ Accelerated measurement of water activity
(AW Quick mode: allows measurement of most products in typically 4-6 minutes)
~ Calculates absolute humidity
~ Trend indicator
~ Battery power monitor
~ Service-interface (USB)

Set includes:
~ 1 Hand-held device - HP23-AW
~ 1 Measurement probe - HC2-AW
~ 1 Sample holder - WP-40
~ 1 Carry case - AC1124
~ 100 Disposable sample containers - PS-40
~ 4 Humidity standards 35/80/50/10% - EA35/80/50/10-SCS

Upon ordering, please confirm if you would like the 14mm or 40mm cups sent with the set, as both are available.

The meter comes with a NIST-traceable certificate of calibration & ISO Certificate ISO 9001:2015. The device is produced in a ISO 9001 facility.
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Made in Switzerland.
This item ships from Hauppauge, NY.
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