SciLogex SCI120-HS Multi-Place Stirring Hot Plate

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Plate dimensions: 17 x 7.5" (inside)
24.5 x 8 x 2.5"H (outside)
110 Volts, 60 Hz,
Product Description
The SCI120-HS 10-place multiposition hotplate stirrer features a powerful rotary drive providing consistent sample conditions across each position for volumes up to 400 mL. Heat only, stir only, or heat and stir simultaneously. The stirrer surface is stainless steel with a silicone anti-slip mat which is chemical resistant and easy-to-clean.

- High-performance multi-position magnetic stirrer with 10 stirring positions, optimum use of laboratory space-
- Simultaneously operating stirrers, absolute consistency over sample condition for the individual samples
- Step-less speed regulation. Wide speed range: 0-1100 rpm/min
- Exterior rotor brushless motor can reduce operating noises and increased motor lifetime
- Infinitely variable speed of motor
- Motor with electronic speed control, constant speed even during changes in load
- Inner set temperature control panel, uniform temperature distribution

Temperature Range: Ambient to 120°C (Note: Liquid temperature 75-80°C)
Speed range: 0-1100rpm
Speed display: Analog
Max. dia./size of flasks: 3 inches (250mL) if using all 10 positions. 4 inches (500mL) if using 5 positions
Motor type: Brushless
Plate dimensions: 17"L x 7.5"W
Plate material: Stainless steel/silicone mat
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