Seward 80 Stomacher Lab Blender

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The model 80 Stomacher features a mixing capacity of 5 to 80ml. Stomachers/lab blenders offer fast, reliable blending and homogenizing of laboratory samples through their unique action by which paddles apply pressure to a sample within a sterile, disposable bag. Contents are blended and homogenized, and deep-seated organisms are effectively washed out. Laboratory samples can be collected, transported, processed, and disposed of without handling. Ideal for processing food microbiology samples; removing viruses and bacteria from tissues and organs; testing sterility of creams, ointments, and dry powders; and removing organisms from swabs, filters, tissue biopsies, and fecal samples. Timer Settings (sample processing time): 30, 60, 120 seconds. The Stomacher 80 Biomaster is designed to be space-saving and easily fits inside of a safety cabinet. It has three paddle speeds and three time settings plus continuous cycle. Mixing Capacity: 5 to 80ml.

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Made in England.
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