Tuttnauer 3870HSG Floor Model Autoclave Sterilizer

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Dimensions (approx.):
CHAMBER: 15.2"Diam x 29.9"D (inside)
28.4" x 53.8" x 46.5"H (outside)
208 Volts, 30A
Product Description
The Tuttnauer 3870HSG is a Pre & Post vacuum medium size autoclave with hospital grade performance for OR and large clinics.
The 3870HSG-WS autoclave is an 85 liter autoclave that is ideal for medical centers and large clinics. The 3870HSG-WS autoclave provides hospital grade sterilization and medium loading capacity
at a cost-effective price that meets the highest international standards. It is mobile, operates 24 hours a day, and can optionally operate independent of building utilities.

Pre & Post vacuum performance is achieved with a built-in vacuum pump used for fractionated pre vacuum air removal eliminating air pockets from all load types and maximizing efficient steam penetration throughout the entire load. After the sterilization stage the vacuum pump is used for post-vacuum drying.

~ Narrow Design - fits through standard doorways
~ Minimal Footprint - high capacity autoclave which does not require a lot of space
~ Water Saving System - uses only 5 liters of tap water a day
~ Sleep Mode - Control system switches off while not in use. The generator remains active 24 hours per day!
~ Low Rate Cycle - you can run your sterilizer when electrical power costs are low, like after work hours, by setting a delayed start time
~ PLUG & PLAY - Independent Mode - no need to connect the autoclave to the building utilities for distilled water, tap water and drain (optional - WS model)
~ Mobility - easy to move autoclave to new locations due to built-in swivel wheels
~ Installation Made Easy - connect to utilities with flexible piping
~ Adjustable Floor Layout - due to mobility and easy installation medical centers can easily adjust floor layout
~ Efficient Chamber Design - rounded chamber allows for economic pricing without compromising sterilization performance

Dynamic Multi-Color Display A bright multicolor LCD panel for easy reading, even from a distance.
Digital Data on Your PC - Save cycle data files on your PC with no additional software or specialized hardware

Automatic Recording of Cycle Information to Your PC with optional R.PC.R software:
Reporting You Can Rely On
~ Automatic cycle data recording to any PC on your network
~ Convenient access to graphs & tables
~ Easily generate PDF reports
~ No need to file printouts, saving you time
Be in Control with Real-Time Remote Monitoring
~ See the real-time autoclave display on your PC
~ Monitor all activity for up to 8 autoclaves

The HSG can be operated as a stationary sterilizer connected to building utilities for distilled water, tap water, drain and electricity or it comes with a standard 'Plug and Play' option to
operate only with an electric power connection. In this mode there is no need to connect the autoclave to the building utilities for distilled water, tap water and drain. With this option it is also
possible to connect to utilities.

Chamber Dim. ø x L: 15.2 in. x 29.9 in.
Chamber Volume: 85L
Number of trays: 2
Tray Dims:
~ Small: 11.3 in. x 1 in. x 26.6 in.
~ Large: 13.8 in. x 1 in. x 26.6 in.
The following link provides additional information from the manufacturer's brochure. Click to open the PDF in a new window or right-click to download it:
Tuttnauer 3870HSG Floor Model Autoclave Sterilizer or copy the following into your browser address window: labequip.ca/stock/pictures/n2226.pdf
Made in Israel.
This item ships from Hauppauge, NY.
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