Tuttnauer T-Edge 10S Benchtop Autoclave Sterilizer

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Dimensions (approx.):
10"diam x 18"deep (inside)
21 x 19 x 19.7"H (outside)
Specify 120 or 230 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 2000W
Product Description
The Tuttnauer T-Edge 10 Autoclave is the only gravity and airflow removal autoclave upgradable to pre/post vacuum. It is designed to meet the most current sterilization standards ANSI/AAMI ST55 ensuring highest sterilization levels and highest quality constructions to ensure longevity, and is THE ONLY AUTOCLAVE IN THE MARKET UPGRADABLE FROM CLASS S TO CLASS B.

~ User-friendly touchpad and control panel - Quickly see programs, cycles times, water levels and more
~ Optimal chamber capacity
~ Convenient and easy loading with door opening to 110°
~ Assorted water filling and drainage methods (top, front or automatic)
~ Range of automatic one-button programs
~ Remote Wi-Fi monitoring via smartphone or tablet
~ Advanced documentation and traceability options. For safety and regulatory purposes, scan barcode data (including expiration date) for the patient file during treatment.

Sterilization Programs:

Cycle Programs _____________ Cycle Time with Drying
Unwrapped Instruments 270°F _______ 20 minutes
Wrapped Pouches 270°F _____________ 32 minutes
Unwrapped delicate 250°F __________ 45 minutes
Handpieces 270°F __________________ 45 minutes

Cycle Programs _____________ Cycle Time with Drying
Unwrapped Instruments 273°F _______ 20 minutes
Wrapped Pouches 273°F _____________ 39 minutes
Unwrapped delicate 250°F __________ 35 minutes
Wrapped Delicate 250°F ____________ 60 minutes

Chamber Volume: 6Gal / 23Liters
Tray Capacity: 5 Trays
Connections: 1 ethernet port, 4 USA ports, WiFi, intergrated automatic water filling and drain connection
Item Supplies: Drain tube, tray holder

*** request pricing to upgrade to class B (software upgrade) ***
The following link provides additional information from the instruction manual or manufacturer's brochure. Click to open the PDF in a new window or right-click to download it:
Tuttnauer T-Edge 10S Benchtop Autoclave Sterilizer or copy the following into your browser address window: labequip.ca/stock/pictures/n2179.pdf
Made in Israel.
This item ships from Hauppauge, NY.
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