VELP MST Digital Magnetic, Digital Stirrer

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Dimensions (approx.):
4.7 x 1.97 x 5.9"H (outside)
100-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description
The MST digital magnetic stirrer is equipped with a bright digital display to easily set up the stirring speed. By turning the knob is possible to set the correct speed with 10 rpm steps. Furthermore, with SpeedServo technology your MST Digital will counter react to the viscosity changes.

Reliable and Precise
Bright digital display for accurate speed monitoring
On board timer for unattended operations
Auto reverse of the stirring direction to ensure better mixing
SpeedServoTM technology ensuring costant speed counter reacting to viscosity changes
Speed regulation up to 1500 rpm

Robust Structure and Compact Design
Equipped with a brushless motor
Technopolymer guarantees high resistance to chemicals
White surface for visualization of particles and color changes
Accepts up to 5 liters flask
Designed for the longest lifespan and guaranteed by 3 years warranty

Remains cold, even after hours of continuous use
Ideal for Microtitration, BOD, Microbiology and Biochemistry
Excellent speed control even at low speeds

Construction material: technopolymer
Stirring Volume (H2O): Up to 5 liters

Electronic speed regulation: up to 1500 rpm
Speed ram: 10 rpm steps
Speed control: excellent speed control even at low revolutions
Counter Reaction: Costant Speed
Timer: From 1 to 900 minutes; continuous mode
Auto-reverse: From 5 to 900 seconds
Stirring system: PCM magnet; brushless motor

*stirring bar is not included
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