Wanted by Labequip

Labequip is currently searching for the following equipment to fill customer inquiries:

Contact Tracy at: [email protected] if you have the following:

  • Software for Cytofluor 4000 microplate reader
  • Labwave 9000 microwave oven (Quote reference #A3089A)
  • microprocessor (or the logic) board, with part number PC1118X3 and analog board with part number PC1118X1 for a Harvey SterileMax ST75935 autoclave

Contact Ron at: [email protected] if you have the following:

  • C02 critical fluid extractor (Quote Reference #HHA3220)
  • HunterLab Labscan XE Colorimeter (Quote Reference #PAA4223)
  • Beckman TL-100 Ultracentrifuge in good working order and we do not need rotor & accessories (Quote Reference #565927220)