WP 60M-CXT Metallurgical, Trinocular Microscope

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This upright metallurgical trinocular microscope is designed to meet the performance demands of engineering professionals who need to study opaque samples like minerals, metals, and building materials. Microscope has a modular attachment that allows user to choose metallurgical, polarizing or bright-field observation.The frame is ergonomically designed and made of metal for stability and durability.

DIN Achromatic Objectives: 4x, 10x, 60xR
Metallurgical Objective: 40xR DIN Plan Achromatic

Ergonomically designed metal frame, arm and base are of one piece construction
Trinocular head (50/50 light splitting ratio) with 30º inclined Siedentopf binocular viewing bodies, 360º rotatable
Standard 10X/18mm wide-field eyepieces, diopter adjustment on right eyepiece tube, calibrated pointer on one eyepiece
Third eyepiece with a crosshair X/Y scale reticle
Interpupillary adjustment from 55mm to 75mm
Quadruple nosepiece with non-stress 4x, 10x and 60xR DIN achromatic objectives and one metallurgical 40xR Plan achromatic DIN objective
125 x 125mm double layer mechanical stage with 75 x 30mm X-Y moving range & 133 x 160mm transparent stage with 65 x 85mm transparent area
Low position coaxial coarse and fine focusing knobs
Focusing range of 33mm, fine focus graduation of 0.01mm
Rack and pinion coarse focusing stops at both ends of travel to prevent damage to the microscope gears
Tension adjustment eliminates focus drift.
Focusable 1.25N.A Abbe condenser and rack-and-pinion iris diaphragm with 2-30mmØ adjustable aperture
5w LED reflected and transmitted lighting system with light intensity control
Polarizing unit is on the light collector and is 360º rotatable
Rotatable polarizing analyzer unit with 0-90º graduation
Optical compensators: First order red and ¼ wavelength plates
Reflected light filter wheel: Yellow, green, blue
Comes complete with dust cover and instruction manual
This item ships from Oldcastle, ON.
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