AND FG-30KBM 0-decimal Balance

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12" x 15" stainless platform (inside)
Product Description FG-30KBM Bench Scale allows the end user to select three weighing resolutions: 1/3000, 1/6000 or 1/15000. When the FG-30KBM is configured to the highest resolution you'll have a bench scale that weighs up to 30 kg weighing capacity and 0.002 kg increments. You'll also be able to select 60 lbs that increments in 0.005 lb graduations or 960 ounces by 0.1 intervals. Sealed keypad protects against dust and spills and incorporates momentary contact buttons. The FG-K Bench Scales offer removable stainless steel weighing pan design ensuring easy cleanability & long life. Easy to operate with simple controls assures quick operator training and a minimum of weighing errors. Additional features include operation on AC Adapter (included) or "C" size batteries. Automatic power off function saves battery life when not in use and this feature can also be disabled. Large LCD designed with removable meter head features 5 feet of standard cable adapts to desk top, wall mount or custom applications. There is also an optional RS-232c interface is available for easily connecting the scale to a PC with WinCT software (software is no additional cost). Full digital calibration allows for easy calibration (optional calibration weights required) and with adjustable feet level & sprint bubble indicator facilitates precise leveling to insure accurate readings.
Capacity: 30kg
Readability: 0.002kg
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