WP Professional QF-L Series Stereo Microscope

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Dimensions (approx.):
8"W x 17"D x 11"H (outside)
110 Volts, 60 Hz, 1A
Product Description The Professional QF series stereo microscope has modular features and high resolution. It is carefully designed and engineered to deliver precision magnification and critically sharp, erect images. The head inclines at a 45 degree angle for greater ease of observation and has standard interpupilary width adjustment from 55mm to 75mm. A ± diopter control is standard in the left viewing tube. The QF features a slip clutch system for long life of the precision rack and pinion system.
The 3-way built-in illuminated stand allows transmitted, incident or dual lighting. The top and bottom lights are LED. This microscope comes with 10X eyepieces and choice of 1X & 2X objectives (10x and 20x), 1X & 3X objectives (10x and 30x), or 2X & 4X objectives (20x and 40x).
This same microscope with a Trinocular head (for photography) is available at extra cost. In this microscope, the top light is halogen, the bottom is fluorescent

- 45° inclined eyetubes with interpupillary adjustment from 55mm to 75mm
- 10x Wide-Field eyepiece
- Working Distance: 80mm
- Includes two 75mm stage plates, one frosted and one reversible black/white
- Diopter control is standard in the left viewing tube
- Coated optics for crisp image and superior resolution
- Rotating objective turret with your choice of (1x, 2x), (1x, 3x), or (2x, 4x) objectives
- Diagonally adjustable top light creating the desired amount of light on the stage plate
- Heavy-duty rack and pinion focusing with slip clutch and tension adjustment
- Illumination and stand are great for examining opaque or translucent specimens

QF Special Features:
- Long life, cool temperature, transmitted light equipped with a light cluster of mini LED light panels for optical illumination
- Latest technology in LED lighting in both Incident and Transmitted illumination with intensity control.
- Diagonally adjustable top light creating the desired amount of light on the stage plate
- Separate light intensity control for top and bottom illumination
- 3 way, built-in illumination system allows transmitted, incident, or dual lighting
- Even distribution of high intensity illumination
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