BYK-Gardner Byko-Swing (5867) Konig/Persoz Hardness Tester for Coatings

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10 x 11 x 30.3"H (outside)
100-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description
The byko-swing hardness tester is an instrument to determine the elastichardness of coatings according to DIN EN ISO 1522 and ASTM D 4366. It consistsof a sample holder where a pendulum freely swings on the sample surface anda counting device.
The number of swings in a defined angular range is a measure for the elastichardness of a coating. It is expressed in seconds or number of swings. The num-ber of swings is detected by light barriers in the lower part of the instrumentand is shown on the display as seconds or swings.

The byko-swing offers a fully automatic measurement mode - no manual in-teraction is required.

Fully automated instrument for measuring pendulum hardness in accordance with the König and Persoz methods.
~ Automated design ensures reliable and repeatable measurement of coating hardness by reducing operator intervention
~ Motorized sample platform lifts the sample into the test position
~ Pendulum is positioned and released automatically
~ Automatic counter with signal when deflection is below 3° (König) or 4° (Persoz) respectively
~ Changeable from König to Persoz and vice versa with corresponding pendulum
~ Pre-assembled draft shield with easy access door
~ UL/CE/CSA certification
~ Compliant with ASTM D4366 and ISO 1522
~ Smallest sample size: 65mm x 75mm (2.6 x 3.0 inches)
~ Largest sample size: 102mm x 229mm (4.0 x 9.0 inches)
~ Maximum sample thickness : 8.5mm (0.33 inches)
~ Minimum sample thickness is limited by the rigidity of the sample.

5865 Damping method for paints & coatings - automatic version byko-swing König (stock N2152)
5866 Damping method for soft coatings - automatic version byko-swing Persoz (stock N2153)
5867 Hardness tester with 2 pendulums byko-swing König / Persoz (stock N2090)

~ Compliant with ASTM D4366 and ISO 1522
~ Digital counter to display and record the test results
~ Selector switch to display either swings or seconds
~ Acoustical signal to notify operator the completion of test
~ Protective cover to eliminate influence of air currents
~ Four full automatic measurement modes
~ Easy changeover of the pendulums
~ Automatic power off after 1 hour
~ Restore of results after power on

___________________________5865 Konig ___________ 5866 Perzoz ____________ 5867 Konig / Persoz
Weight Ball _____________ 200 g ± 0.2 ___________ 500g ± 0.1 ______________ 200 / 500 g ± 0.1
Diameter ___________________ 5 mm _________________ 8 mm ______________________ 5mm / 8 mm
Deflection Start/End ______ 6° / 3° ______________ 12° / 4° _________________ 6°/3° or 12°/4°
Period of Oscillation _____ 1.4 s __________________ 1 s ____________________ 1.4 s / 1 s
Damping Time on Glass __ 250 s ± 10 s ________________________________ 430 s ± 10 s according to ISO]
Made in Germany.
This item ships from Columbia, MD.
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