BYK-Gardner Coverall Bend (1125) Impact-and-Bend Tester

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Dimensions (approx.):
50"W x 10"D x 10"H (outside)
Product Description
Used to test both flexibility and impact resistance. By simply reversing the impacter, the instrument can evaluate the flexibility of can-stock coating during double seaming and to test its impact resistance in handling.
~ Tests both flexibility and impact resistance
~ Graduated (inches) guide tube
~ Maximum force of 160 inch-pounds

Procedure: IMPACT TEST
For impact studies, the top block is leveled with the plug removed exposing a 1.43 cm (0.563 in) hole. The 1.27 cm (0.50 in) diameter, round-nosed end of the 4 lb weight may now be dropped from any height along the graduated scale on the guide tube from 0 to 160 inch-pounds.

Procedure: BEND TEST
To make a bend test, the coated panel 3üh x 4üh (0.048üh thickness) is first bent 180ü° over the 1/8üh rod. The bent panel is placed between the parts of the hinge. Then the impact tool, flat face down, is dropped from any desired height onto the upper part of the hinge. The cylindrical fold in the panel is squeezed in to a conical shape.

Comes complete with:
Base with arm support; Guide tube with collar; Scale in inches; Four pound weight; Punch; hinge plate and anvil along with the weight. Operating instructions. It has all the parts to perform the bend test.

When you look at the catalog spec sheet PDF, the hinge plate is the assembly that is attached to the base. The anvil is the round piece attached to the hinge plate that the weight is resting on.

#1574 Hinge Plate, for 1125
#1573 Anvil, for 1125
#1568 Guide Tube
#1571 Weight 4 lbs, for 1125
#1231 Lift Screw
#1128 Weight 2 lbs, for 1125
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Made in Germany.
This item ships from Columbia, MD.
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