Caframo BDC 1850 Variable-speed Stirrer

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The Caframo BDC 1850 is an ultra torque stirrer for stirring tar, gravel, resins, adhesives or solutions with a high viscosity. Caframo's BDC stirrers handle high volume, high viscosity stirring as easily as dispersing and homogenizing. Constant speed! As the stirrer's load increases an internal closed loop feed back circuit directs more current to the stirrer's motor. Two speed ranges: Low speed offers 5 times the torque as the high speed range. Sparkless, fully enclosed brushless DC motor with sealed ball bearings. Quiet, dependable and maintenance-free. Adjustable chuck accepting up to 10.1 mm shafts. Single hollow stainless spindle. Maximum recommended viscosity is 90,000cP.

Recommended Maximum Volume - 80 litres (21.1 US Gallons)
Recommended Maximum Viscosity - 90,000 cps
Low Speed Range - 12 rpm to 360 rpm
High Speed Range - 360 rpm to 1800 rpm
Speed/Torque Range 1: 12-360 rpm, 50 in-lbs.
Speed/Torque Range 2: 360-1800 rpm, 10 in-lbs.
Maximum Output Power 1/5 hp, 150 watts
Digital display of rpm/torque. CHUCK, CHUCK KEY, SUPPORT ROD & POWER CORD INCLUDED. Order stock #N557 for stand and clamp. IMPELLERS EXTRA COST

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Caframo BDC 1850 Variable-speed Stirrer
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