Caframo BDC 2010 Reversing Digital Variable-speed Stirrer

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Product Description
The Caframo BDC2010 stirrer works smarter and allows the user complete mixing control. The stirring direction can be changed with the touch of the reversing button. The countdown timer times a stirring activity and beeps when completed. In xRx mode, the stirrer is set up to continuously reverse from one direction to the other for a set length of time. Speed Range 40-2010 rpm. Modes: Countdown timer; Clockwise; Counter clockwise; xRx agitation. LED Display Accuracy ±3% of reading. Maximum Torque 100 N-cm.

Maximum Recommended Volume: 25 litres (6.6 US Gallons)
Maximum Recommended Viscosity: 20,000 cps
Speed Range: 40 to 2,010 rpm

BDC2010 Features:
Multifunctional - Reversing - Countdown Timer
Countdown Timer
~ Repeatable, accurate results
~ Stirring stops when time is complete
~ Mixes in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction
~ Offers different mixing with the same impellers
xRx Agitation
~ Controllable vortex effect
~ Quicker more complete mixing
~ Eliminates air from sample
Brushless DC Motor
~ 50% more power
~ Maintains speed at all viscosities
~ Provides automatic overload protection
~ Shows stirring clearly
~ Monitors mixing properties of batches
Through Shaft
~ Impeller adjustment made easy
~ Less downtime due to impeller changes
Chuck, chuck key, mounting support rod, external power supply, and grounded power cord included. Order stock #N556 for stand and clamp. IMPELLERS EXTRA COST.
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Made in Canada.
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