Koehler Instrument K13150 Saybolt Colorimeter

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Dimensions (approx.):
7.7"W x 20.3"D x 6.7"H (outside)
115-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description
This Koehler K13150 is an automated colorimeter for Saybolt and ASTM Color (Saybolt and Mineral Oil Colorimeter)
- Conforms to ASTM D156, D1500, D6045, and related test specifications
- Designed for color measurement of waxes and other petroleum products

High precision spectrophotometer for objective color analysis of petroleum fuels, oils, waxes and petrochemicals according to the Saybolt and ASTM Color scales. Test results can also be displayed in terms of CIE values and spectral data. The colorimeter is rugged with a fabricated steel housing which is designed to function equally as a QC instrument within the laboratory or on 24 hour operation in a production environment. A diagnostic test routine
allows users to conduct periodic checks on the instrument or to identify faults. Direct access of the precision filament lamp from outside the instrument allows for easy replacement. The colorimeter is also supplied with a colored
glass filter of known Saybolt value for regular conformance testing.

Reproducibility: ±0.25% T, ±1 Saybolt value
Spectral Range: 410-710 nm
Data Output: RS232/printer
Light Source: tungsten halogen lamp
Illuminant: CIE Illuminant C
Observer: 2°
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Made in USA.
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