Lovibond-Tintometer MD 600 Portable Colorimeter

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3.7 x 2 x 8.25 in. (outside)
Product Description
***The Lovibond MD600 colorimeter is directly comparible to the HACH DR900 Multiparameter Colorimeter***

The MD 600 multi-parameter photometer is pre-programmed with over 120 water testing parameters and ranges. Featuring a rugged, waterproof design, this instrument is the ideal testing solution for a variety of applications and industries.
~ Multi-Parameter Testing device combines all of the key water testing parameters and testing ranges
~ Portable instrument for use in the lab, plant or out in the field
~ User interface is intuitive and easy to navigate

~ Boiler Water Cooling Water Disinfection Control Drinking Water Treatment Galvanization Pool Water Control Pool Water Treatment Raw Water Treatment Waste Water Treatment

~ Easy Access to new testing parameter and ranges
~ Never have an outdated instrument again! As additional test methods become available, the new software update is available as a free download on our website.
~ On-screen access to important test information
~ Using the correct reagent and sample cell for a preprogrammed calibration curve is essential to achieving accurate results. With the push of a button, it's easy to confirm what is required for the test. The method information will also show which conversion factors can be automatically applied to a method, so results are displayed in the required reporting units.
~ No Need to memorize method numbers to access a testing method
~ The scroll-driven menu system allows you to navigate to the test you need without the need to memorize the test method number. In addition, a Users Favorite Menu can be defined so that the instrument displays only the testing methods you want to see,
~ Data Storage and Transfer Capabilities
~ Store up to 1,000 readings with location ID, time and date stamp. Test data stored on the instrument can be easily exported using the IRiM accessory, which uses an infrared connection to export data directly to an Excel or .txt file.
~ Choice of Reagent Platforms
~ With over 120 pre-programmed testing methods on one instrument, many parameters offer the choice of using Tablet, Powder Pack or Liquid reagents.
~ Create User-Defined Calibration Curves
~ Have a proprietary testing method or a requirement to conform to a specific governmental or organizational standard method? Tired of converting ABS or %T values into meaningful values? It's easy to create and store as many as 35 user-defined methods on the MD 600 series. Up to a 25 order polynomial along with test parameters such as wavelength, measuring range, unit type and number of decimals displayed can be defined and implemented.
~ Accurate, Reproducible Results
~ The optical system of the MD 600 series operates with six unique wavelengths. By utilizing LEDs and interference filters, the instrument quickly gives you results that you can be confident in.
~ One-time-Zero Function
~ Don't waste time waiting for your instrument to Zero after each test. When testing a new sample, zero the instrument once and all subsequent tests of that sample do not require you to re-zero the instrument.

Optics LEDs, interference filters (IF) and photo sensor in transparent sample chamber Wavelength range:
430 nm IF = 5 nm
530 nm IF = 5 nm
560 nm IF = 5 nm
580 nm IF = 5 nm
610 nm IF = 6 nm
660 nm IF = 5 nm
IF = interference filter

Wavelength Accuracy: ± 1 nm
Photometric Accuracy: 2 % FS (T = 20°C - 25°C)
Operation: Acid and solvent resistant, touch-sensitive keypad with audible Feedback via integrated beeper
Display: Backlit graphic-display
Interfaces: Infrared
Updates: Software updates via Internet
Internal Storage: approx. 1000 data sets
Power Supply: 4 batteries (Mignon AA/LR6)
Battery Life Time: approx. 26 h
Auto - OFF: Yes
Beeper: existing
Portability: Benchtop

Languages User Interface: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Indonesian

Available with BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY FOR DATA TRANSFER - request pricing.
The following link provides additional information from the manufacturer's brochure. Click to open the PDF in a new window or right-click to download it:
Lovibond-Tintometer MD 600 Portable Colorimeter or copy the following into your browser address window: labequip.ca/stock/pictures/n2136.pdf
Made in Germany.


Comes complete with:
Instrument in case
4 Batteries (AA)
3 Vials 24 mm ø
3 Vials 16 mm ø
1 Adapter each (16 mm and 13 mm cuvettes)
Plastic stirring rod 13 cm
Brush 11 cm
Screw driver
Instruction manual
Warranty information
Without reagents
Please name the required reagent set or parameter in your order

Optional accessories available at additional cost:
170500 Water sampler, AF 631
192075 Adapter (13 mm) MultiDirect for Vacu-vial
1950025 Batteries (AA), set of 4
197605 Multy cuvette-3, set of 12
197620 Round cuvette 24 mm, set of 12
197626 Sealing ring for round vials 24 mm, set of 12
197629 Round cuvette 24 mm, set of 5
197635 Cleaning cloth
197665 Round cuvette 16 mm, set of 10
19802190 Adapter for round cuvettes 16 mm
19802192 Adapter for round cuvettes 13 mm
19802223 Rubber seal cap
19802650 Mixing cylinder, 25 ml
214030 Update cable
214050 Infrared data transmission modul IRiM
215630 Reference Standard Kit Chlorine - 2.0 and 1.0 mg/l (MD/PM 600 series)
215635 Reference Standard Kit Chlorine - 0.5 and 2.0 mg/l (MD/PM 600 series)
215636 Reference Standard Kit Chlorine - 1.0 and 4.0 mg/l (MD/PM 600 series)
215640 Verification Standard Kit MD 600
2418940 Thermoreactor RD 125
2420800 Standard Solution Ammonia, 1.3 mg/l NH4 = 1.0 mg/l N
2420801 Standard Solution Ammonia, 5.2 mg/l NH4 = 4.0 mg/l N
2420802 Standard Solution Ammonia, 26 mg/l NH4 = 20 mg/l N
2420803 Standard Solution COD 100 mg/l
2420804 Standard Solution COD 500 mg/l
2420805 Standard Solution COD 5000 mg/l
2420806 Standard Solution Nitrate, 40 mg/l NO3 = 9.0 mg/l N
2420807 Standard Solution Nitrate, 5mg/l NO2 = 1.5 mg/l N
2420808 Standard Solution Phosphate, 4.6mg/l PO4 = 1.5 mg/l P
2420809 Standard Solution Phosphate, 20mg/l PO4 = 6,5 mg/l P
364100 Stirring rod, 13 cm length
364109 Stirring rod, 10 cm length
364120 Stirring rod, 13 cm length, set of 10
364130 Stirring rod, 10 cm length, set of 10
365045 Pipette, 1000µl
366150 Membrane filter set for use when preparing samples, 25 membrane filters 0.45µm, 2 syringes 20ml
375069 500 ml bottle, AF 631
380230 Brush, 11 cm length
384801 Measuring beaker, 100 ml
384930 Measuring spoon, 1 g
400740 UV Pen Lamp, 254 nm
418951 Cuvette stand for 6 round cuvettes O 24 mm
418957 Cuvette stand for 10 round cuvettes O 16 mm
419066 Pipette tips, 1-5 ml (white) 100 pc.
419073 Pipette tips, 0,1-1 ml (white), 1000 pc.
419076 Automatic pipette, 1-5 ml
420757 Screw caps TOC
471007 Plastic funnel with handle (white)
48105510 ValidCheck Chlorine 1,5 mg/l
56A006601 Stirring rod and spoon
999770 Manufacturer's test certificate M for MD 600
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