Koehler Instrument K16500 / K16591 Rapid Flash Closed-Cup Flash Point Tester

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Dimensions (approx.):
15"W x 23.4"D x 6.3"H (outside)
110-230 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description
The Koehler K16500 rapid flash closed cup flash point tester verifies the flash point or the sustained burning qualities of small samples in the range of -30°C to +300°C. This Rapid Tester provides rapid determinations of flash point or sustained burning qualities by using a small sample. A flash/no flash test result is achieved in one minute for flash points below 212°F (100°C) with a 2mL sample. Ideally suited for quality assurance and environmental compliance testing as well as actual flashpoint for paints, fragrances, hydrocarbons and other liquids.

The Closed Cup Model is for routine flash point tests in the range from -30 to +300°C (-22 to +572°F)
- External Gas Adapter
- Syringe 2mL / 4mL

Conforms to the specifications of:
~ ASTM D3278,
~ D3828;
~ IP 303;
~ ISO 3679,
~ ISO 3680,
~ ISO 9038;
~ DOT CFR 49-173.115;

Optional ACCESSORIES (extra cost):
~ K16506 Fuel Cylinder Valve
~ K16507 Heat Transfer Compound for thermometer
~ K16508 Metal Cooling Block to facilitate cooling of the sample cup between tests
~ K16509 Refrigerant Charged Cooling block to hold cooling mixture for sub-ambient testing
~ K16510 Syringe 2mL/4mL
~ K16511 Thermometer 32 to 572°F/0 to 300°C
~ K16512 Thermometer, 32°F - 230°F
~ K16513 Thermometer, 212°F to 572°F
~ K16514 Thermometer, 0°C to 110°C
~ K16515 Thermometer, 100°C to 300°C
~ K16516 Thermometer, -36°F to + 105°F
~ K16517 Thermometer, -38°C to 40°C
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Made in USA.
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