Labconco 5220200 HEPA Filtered Glove Box

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Alternate Names:
Anerobic Chamber
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Dimensions (approx.):
Interior Working Width: 33.5" (inside)
52.7 x 31.6 x 40 in.H (outside)
Specify 115 or 230 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description
Precise HEPA-Filtered Glove Boxes have inlet and outlet HEPA filters and provide a leak-tight physical barrier to protect the operator from hazardous airborne particulates and powders. These boxes have uses in pharmaceutical research, nanotechnology and biochemistry. Microorganisms, low-level radiochemicals, chemical carcinogens and asbestos may also be used in these boxes.

These boxes may be used for cleanroom applications requiring ISO Class 3 (ISO 14644-1) conditions. Labconco HEPA Filtered Glove Boxes may be appropriate for use as containment isolators for applications involving compounds assigned ISO 4 and ISO 5 Banding Levels. Contact your Health and Safety Officer for specific Engineered Containment Device requirements.

Liner Material: Polyethylene
Number of Glove Ports: Two
Primary Application: Hazardous materials

~ One-piece molded, medium-density polyethylene shell. Labconco recommends this website for a comprehensive listing of chemical resistance data for polyethylene.
~ Dry powder epoxy-coated steel superstructure
~ 1/4 in. thick laminated safety glass viewing window, 26.4 in. wide x 12.5 in. high, removable for loading equipment, with powder-coated steel frame and neoprene gasket
~ Space-saving inner and outer transfer chamber doors that pivot upward, are counterbalanced and equipped with quick-latches
~ Black, chemical-resistant work surface sealed to the glove box floor
~ Interior ceiling-mounted electrical duplex receptacle with 5 amp maximum circuit load
~ Neoprene gloves, size 9 3/4 in., are included.
~ Built-in blower with speed control capable of airflow from 13 CFM to 75 CFM.
~ Fluorescent lamp, 22 watts, with easy replacement from the top
~ Switches for light, blower and innermost interior electrical receptacle
~ Inlet and outlet HEPA filters, 99.99% efficient on 0.3 micron particulates
~ Test port for challenging HEPA filter integrity
~ Main chamber static pressure gauge for monitoring HEPA filter loading.
~ Approximately 13 cubic feet of interior space in main chamber
~ 11.0 in. nominal ID x 12.0 in. long transfer chamber
~ Factory leak tested with a mass spectrometer while glove box is pressurized with helium at 5 inches of water gauge.
~ No detectable leaks greater than 1 x 10(-3) ml/sec
~ Meet Class 1 atmosphere containment conditions for oxygen leak rates per ISO 10648-2 test method
~ Transfer chamber interior interlocking shelf of dry powder epoxy-coated steel
~ 0.05 ppm average tracer gas levels or less detected during perimeter scan testing (surpasses ASHRAE 110 standards)
~ Airborne particulate cleanliness (measured under positive and negative pressures per ISO 14644-1 test method) exceeds ISO Class 5 conditions (equivalent to Class 100) and achieved ISO Class 3 conditions (equivalent to Class 1) at both minimum and maximum operational airflow volumes
~ Vibration less than 1.5 x 10(-5) inches displacement measured at the work surface at both minimum and maximum airflow volumes

Required Accessories
~ Adjustable Height Base Stands
~ Base Cabinet
~ Work Surface

Optional Accessories
~ Acrylic Viewing Window
~ Add-A-Valve Kit
~ Anti-Static Ionizer Fan
~ Balance Vibration Isolator
~ Blower Foot Switch
~ Complete Valve Set
~ Diaphragm Pumps
~ Electrical Power Strips
~ Exterior Transfer Chamber Shelf
~ External Glove Port Covers
~ FilterMate Portable Exhausters
~ Gloves and Glove Box Accessories
~ Hanging Shelf Accessories
~ Positive Pressure Conversion Kit
~ Recirculation Kit
~ Remote Blowers
~ Storage Shelf Kits
~ Trap Inserts
~ Waste Chute

There are international electrical configurations available.
Made in USA.
This item ships from Kansas City, MO.
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