Lovibond-Tintometer EC 2000 Gardner Kit Color Comparator

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Product Description
The EComparator series advances colour measurement, enabling you to progress from Visual (subjective) to Electronic (objective) results. With the EComparator series, you can now view the colour difference with on-screen colour and on-screen numerical display.

GARDNER COLOUR (ASTM D1544, D6166, ISO 4630:2015, AOCS Td 1a, MS 817 Part 10): Single number, one dimensional, colour scale for grading the colour of similarly coloured liquids
The scale ranges from a pale yellow to a red in shade and is described in terms of the values 1-18.
Used to measure colour of resins, varnishes, lacquers, drying oils, fatty acids, lecithins, sunflower oil and linseed oil.

Rosin - US Naval Stores (ASTM D 509)

Applications: Petroleum Oils and Waxes

~ 2 Field Comparator View & Numeric Results
~ Visual Representation Aligned to the Comparator 2000
~ Validation Liquid and Glass Standard Included
~ Immediate and Accurate, Straight from the Box

~ Dual Ability to View Colour Measurement
On-screen colour
On-screen numerical display
~ Easy Transition from Visual to Electronic Measurements: Some colour graders who are used to the traditional comparator series sometimes find the upgrade to an electronic system daunting. The assurance of relying on physical colour difference is diminished. This transition has now been made easy.
~ Touch Screen Technology: Enables you to easily programme the instruments with instinctive menus on screen.
~ Programmable Settings: You can set language*, date and time, view preferences and create projects with individual tolerance settings.
~ On-Screen Warning System: You can react immediately to results that might be out of tolerance with immediate information on the sample.
Within tolerance = green
Outside tolerance = red
On border of tolerance = amber
~ User Friendly Ergonomics and Intuitive Interface: You are guaranteed to be up and running quickly and easily supported.
~ Easy storage and sharing of results: Large data storage (greater than 20,000 readings) and USB connectivity ensure your results can be stored and easily shared.
~ Single Scale Measuremen: The EC 2000 Gardner provides you an individual scale to measure Gardner Colour (ASTM D 1544, ASTM D 6166, AOCS Td 1a, MS 817 Part 10). * Supported languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian.

Applicable Standard: ASTM D1544; ASTM D6166
Color Type: Transparent
Display: Size: 3.5 inch; Resolution: 320 x 240; Colour: 24 Bit (True Colour)
Interfaces: USB
Internal Storage: greater than 20,000 readings
Power Supply:
~ USB 2.0 (mini USB plug)
~ 4 batteries (AA)
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Made in England.
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