Lovibond-Tintometer Nessleriser 2150 Color Comparator

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Nessleriser 2150 with stand, Daylight unit and AF 306/P
The Comparator 2000+ is a versatile colorimetric system for water analysis. Comfortable handling, no compromise on accuracy and reproducibility: The Comparator 2000+ can be used for many applications. Swimming pools, research or drinking water treatment are just a few examples.

More than 400 different test discs available
Compensation for coloured and turbid samples
Guaranteed constancy of the coloured glass standards
Integrated prism

~ Usable in different applications
~ The Comparator 2000+ is versatile: it is used in swimming pools as well as in research centers, universities or general drinking water treatment.
~ Daylight lamp
~ So that you can always measure safely and stably under unfavorable visibility conditions, we recommend the use of the (optional) mains or battery-powered daylight lamp. So the lighting conditions always remain the same. No matter where you are measuring.
~ Various analyses possible
~ For the Comparator 2000+, more than 400 color discs and numerous reagents are available. Your combination is guaranteed. And if you have to change them once, it works without opening the comparator.
~ Integrated prism
~ The integrated prism visually brings the glass standards of the color disc and the colored sample into view.

*** see PDF for optional accessories ***
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Made in England.
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