Novasina LabStart Portable Water Activity Meter

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12 in.W x 8 in.D x 4 in.H (outside)
90-264 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description
The Novasina LabStart is a portable low cost precision instrument for water activity measurement (aW) in in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. The LabStart is ideal for use with breads, cereals, most powders and drier materials from 0.20 to 0.80 Aw. (There is no data logging on this meter.)
Simple and easy aW-measurement device to supervise and check. Built-in automatic equilibrium detection and a well-proven resistive-electrolytic sensor offer high accuracy. The large LCD with intuitive menu structure displays water activity (Aw), temperature and stability. The meter uses the latest noncontact infrared sampling technology and a maintenance-free Aw sensor. Use the optional filters to accurately measure samples with critical additives such as alcohol, acids, bases and chlorine.

The unique Aw sensor is designed to be field-calibrated after multiple uses. The reusable standards, if kept closed in the supplied airtight container, can last several years, saving on overall operating costs. The sensor can also be easily replaced when it is no longer performing to factory specifications - it is the sensor which holds all of the factory-calibrated values within it, allowing the unit to be within calibration.

Measurement range aw: 0.03-1.00aw
~ Water Activity: ±0.02aw
~ Temperature: ±0.1C
Accuracy: Water Activity: ±0.03aw (0.20 ... 0.80aw)
Sensor: with resistive-electrolytic measurement cell CM-4
Resolution: Water Activity: 0.01 aw

~ Direct measurement of the aw value
~ Unique resistive-electrolytic sensor technology with no memory (hysteresis) effect
~ Infrequent cleaning needed
~ Re-usable SAL-T standards for economy
~ Measurement ends when sample reaches equilibrium
~ Robust and stable housing

Applications - Final control of products or process monitoring in:
~ Food Industry
~ Pharmaceuticals
~ Cosmetics
~ Pet Food

Communication: none
Volume measurement chamber: 15mL
Dimensions sample cup: Diameter 30mm x Height 14mm

The LabStart-aw set consists of :
~ Measurement device LabStart-aw
~ External universal power supply
~ 1 SAL-T: 75% RH humidity standard (other standards available separately)
~ 25 sample dishes ePW
~ Spare pre-filters white (5 pcs)
~ Tension ring
~ Factory certificate of 2-point calibration 33% and 75% RH
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Made in Switzerland.
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