Novasina LabSwift Bench-model Water Activity Meter

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Dimensions (approx.):
14"W x 5"D x 17"H (outside)
90-260 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description
The LabSwift-aw with its ergonomic design offers the possibility of portable measurements in the field thanks to the lithium-ion battery. All data of a measurement, including the desired protocols, are stored on a SD card and can be transferred to a PC or printer.
Data is provided in Excel format, allowing you to easily analyze the information. This assures the full quality assurance and traceability of all measurement data. Optional software is available (extra cost) for advanced data analysis.
The large LCD with intuitive menu structure displays water activity (Aw), temperature and stability. The meters uses the latest non-contact infrared sampling technology and a maintenance-free Aw sensor. Use the optional filters (extra cost) to accurately measure samples with critical additives such as alcohol, acids, bases and chlorine.

The unique Aw sensor is designed to be field-calibrated after multiple uses. The reusable standards, if kept closed in the supplied airtight container, can last several years, saving on overall operating costs. The sensor can also be easily replaced when it is no longer performing to factory specifications - it is the sensor which holds all of the factory-calibrated values within it, allowing the unit to be within calibration.

- Accurate, reproducible, fast aw-value determination
- Highest reliability and long term stability
- Easy menu structure and clear display
- Ergonomic housing design
- Portable / mobile use thanks to a Lithium-Ion battery (or use with included AC adapter)
- Large LCD - Display
- Data logging and data storage function with SD card
- Factory calibration at 6 aW-value points
- Checking, testing and adjusting possibilities (SAL-T humidity standards)
- Widely maintenance free / simple cleaning
- Outstanding cost-performance ratio
- Standardised sample volume
- Sensor protection filters to avoid contamination & errors

Meaurement range: 0.03-1.00aW
Aw Measuring Accuracy (aw): ±0.01
Volume measurement chamber: 15mL
Data Logging: Yes
Alarm: Yes
Temperature control: no
Output: SD card slot

calibration standards (11, 58, 84% RH)
40 sample dishes
5 prefilters
SD card
tension ring
hard carrying case
external universal power supply
rechargeable lithium-ion battery
calibration document (6 points) - supplied by the manufacturer.
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Made in Switzerland.
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