BYK-Gardner SPI Heavy-Duty (5513) Heavy Duty Impact Tester

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Dimensions (approx.):
50"W x 6"D x 13"H (outside)
Product Description
This impact tester was developed in cooperation with the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) for evaluating impact resistance of rigid sheets of PVC (30-60 mils thick) and other plastics and materials exceeding the 160 inch-pounds limit of the Heavy-Duty Impact Tester.

~ Graduated 102 cm (40 inch) guide tube with included 8 lb weight
~ Redesigned arm on the base allows the impact tester to be used in tough applications
~ Stop position clamp ensures you can always test at the same height, if needed
~ Optional alignment tool helps to ensure the impact tester is lined up correctly (order separately below)
~ Maximum force of 320 inch-pounds with 8 lb weight
~ 12.7 mm (0.500 in) diameter punch
~ 16.3 mm (0.640 in) die
~ Guide tube OD 44.5 mm (1.75 in), ID 39.6 mm (1.56 in)

Note: Maximum sample thickness is 12.7 mm (0.5 in)

Comes complete with:
Basic plate; Guide tube with collar; Scale in inches-pounds, Weight (8lb); Die; Punch (Tup); Operating instructions

Cat. No. Description
1190 Calibration Tool, for 5513
1260 Falling Weight 8 lbs, for 5513
1231 Lift Screw
1220 Ball Punch 0.50 in
5514 Anvil, 3.0 in. ID, for 5513
1264 Die 0.64 in
5516 Sampe Platform, for 5513
1266 Guide Tube, for 5513
1269 Base Plate
1271 Arm
1275 Base, for 5513
1274 Stop Position Clamp, for 5513
5515 Die Adapter, 1.25 in. ID
5517 Anvil Kit, includes 5515 & 5516
5519 ASTM G14 Accessory Kit* (*Note: G14 Accessory Kit includes a base with pipe holder, 3 lb falling weight with 5/8 inch diameter indenter.)
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