BYK-Gardner Metric model (5545) Heavy Duty Impact Tester

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50"W x 5.5"D x 11.5"H (outside)
Product Description
This impact tester has gained wide acceptance in testing the impact resistance of many types of coatings from paints to varnishes to tough plated, plastic or laminated coatings. It is also widely used to establish quality control standards for resistance to impact surface damage and penetration of many construction materials including plastics, resins, fiberglass, sheet metals, and plywood.

.Can be configured in metric or imperial units
.Heavy duty construction for long life
.More than 10 weights to choose from in either gram or pound units
.Large selection of die and indenter sizes
.Easy change-over of weight, dies, and indenters

Note: Sample thickness maximum is 12.7mm (0.5 in)

English Model (#1120)
~ Two and four pound weights included
~ Maximum allowable force of 80 and 160 inch-lbs
~ Round nose punch, 0.625 in diameter
~ Guide tube 40 in
~ 4226, D 5420 Die inside diameter 0.64 in

Metric Model (#5545)
~ 4226, D5420 One and two kilogram weights included
~ Maximum allowable force of 100 and 200 kg-cm
~ Round nose punch, 1.59 cm diameter
~ Guide tube 100 cm
~ Die inside diameter 1.63 cm
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