Humboldt Manufacturing H-4393 Universal Sample Splitter

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Dimensions (approx.):
56" x 26" x 41"H (outside)
Product Description
The H-4393 universal splitter is built for large-volume bulk aggregate or raw coal samples. Other large samples with particle sizes up to 6" (152mm) can be accurately reduced with this rugged divider. Each split is evenly distributed to two pans on each side of the splitter. All four pans are included. The H-4393.1 lift cart is recommended for handling fully-loaded pans.

Maximum Particle Size: 6" (152mm)
Hopper Capacity ft3: 4
Chute Bar Size: 1: (25mm)
Chute Bar Quantity: 48
Chute Slope: 60°

Supports the following standards: ASTM C136, ASTM C702, ASTM C778, ASTM D75; AASHTO T27, T248
Made in USA.
This item ships from Elgin, IL.
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