Tyler SS-100 Riffle Sample Splitter

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22 in.W x 16 in.D x 16 in.H (outside)
Product Description
Riffle-type sample splitter can be used to divide or halve dry materials such as cement, gravel, powdered ores, coal, coke, sand, soils, etc. It reduces a large sample to a quantity suitable for making sieve tests. The splitter maintains representative particle size distribution while reducing the original sample size.

~ Divides the sample into halves, and by repeating the operation, into quarters, eighths, sixteenths, etc.
~ Has sixteen 1 in. openings discharging alternately in opposite directions
~ Includes three pans and one flat sample scoop
~ Maximum particle size is ¼ in.
~ Material poured into the hopper is divided into two equal portions by a series of chutes that discharge the material alternately in opposite directions into separate pans. Splitter is stainless steel construction with cold-rolled steel pans
~ Stainless pans are available. Meets ASTM B215, C136, C702, C778, D421, D424, D457, D806, AASHTO T27, T144, T248. Chutes (16): 1 in. width; Hopper: 9 in. width x 20 in. length
~ Pans (4): 19 in. length x 6½ in. width x 5¼ in. deep

Made in USA.
This item ships from Mentor, OH.
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