Humboldt Manufacturing H-3992 Universal Sample Splitter

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Riffle-type sample splitters divide or halve dry materials such as cement, gravel, powdered ores, coal, coke, sand, soils, etc. Material poured into the hopper is divided into two equal portions by a series of chutes that discharge the material alternately in opposite directions into separate pans. Humboldt splitters are constructed of cold-rolled steel, or in some cases, stainless steel- see chart below for quantity and construction of pans included. Also refer to the chart below for ordering replacement or extra pans. All splitters include pans, scoop and cleaning brush.
For rapid, single-step reduction of large sample volumes - ideal for field applications.

Has eight 2.5" openings
Material Size: 1.67" (42.3mm), Chutes: (8), 2.50" (63.5mm) width; Hopper: 9" width x 24" length (229 X 610mm); (4) H-3993S Pans- 22" x 6.75" x 5.125" (559 x 171 x 130mm) L W D

Supports ASTM B215, ASTM C136, ASTM C702, ASTM C778, ASTM D421, ASTM D424, ASTM D457, ASTM D806, AASHTO T27, AASHTO T144, AASHTO T248
Made in USA.
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