Labconco 5341000 (4' horizontal - 26 in. D) Laminar Flow Clean Bench Hood

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Alternate Names:
Class 1, Class I, Class 100
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Dimensions (approx.):
48 x 26 x 30.2 in.H (inside)
51.4" x 38.2" x 50.1"H (outside)
115 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 5A
Product Description
Nexus Horizontal Clean Benches are designed to protect non-hazardous applications, and meet the rigorous demands of life sciences, materials science applications, pharmaceutical R&D and compounding pharmacies. The Nexus also provides an ISO Class 4 clean airflow environment for protection of critical, non-hazardous samples.

Laminar airflow is driven by an ECM blower powered with Constant Airflow Profile (CAP) technology for continuous, precise airflow that is energy efficient with long-lasting HEPA filters.
The sleek Nexus Horizontal Clean Bench design includes tempered safety glass and a stainless-steel interior option for effortless cleaning and durability in critical environments.
Powered by the Nexus OS, an intuitive touchscreen interface, operational logs maintenance records are stored onboard and can be accessed remotely for worry-free compliance management.

- Fully scannable 99.99+% supply HEPA filter, 99.999% efficient ULPA filter available
- Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM)
- Unidirectional, laminar airflow
- Constant Airflow Profile (CAP) airflow monitoring system
- Nexus Operating System and full color, 5 in. touchscreen featuring:
------- Simplified home screen for easy start up and shut down operations
------- Eco mode for idling the blower when the system isn't in use
------- Full operational, maintenance and certification logs for detailed record keeping
------- Numeric and visual HEPA Filter Life graphic for easy HEPA filter monitoring
------- Password security lock (optional activation) that requires user or admin password to operate the cabinet
------- Status line for alarm conditions and alerts to warn when filter life diminishes to 20% and 10% before alarming at 0%
------- Interval/elapsed timer for experiment monitoring
------- UV light timer (on models with UV)
------- 8 Languages
- Glass side panels
- Spill-Stopper design protects HEPA filter from spills
- USB port for data record export
- Remote connectivity via Ethernet port
- Prefilters to help extend HEPA filter life
- Bright, glare-free LED lighting
- Tempered safety glass and stainless steel side wall with one utility pass-through port and two service fixture punch-outs
- Electrical Outlet(s)-Ceiling mount, Flat Stainless Steel Cover: R side on 3' and 4' Models, R and L side on 5'-8' Models
-- 115V GFCI, double receptacle, maximum amperage draw 5A.
-- 230V, single receptacle, maximum amperage draw 3A.
- 30.2 in. interior height
- Optic White epoxy-coated steel
- Nominal face velocity 85 fpm (0.43 m/s)
- 10' (3 m) power cord with plug

- Supporting base if non-welded stand option is not selected

- 21 in. or 26 in. interior depth
- Standard Interior: Epoxy coated steel interior and non-shedding PVC work surface
- Stainless Steel Interior: 304 stainless steel interior and stainless steel work surface
- 254 nm UV lamp with safety interlocked UV protection screen
- Unassembled, epoxy coated steel, non-welded telescoping base stand with leveling feet
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