Labconco RXPert Double 3971482 Laminar Flow Hood (Class I)

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Clean Bench
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48 x 29 x 50.5 in.H (outside)
Specify 115 or 230 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description
RXPert Double Filtered Systems are double HEPA-filtered (redundant) enclosures that require no ductwork. RXPert Double Filtered Systems are the only non-sterile compounding enclosures with 100% scannable redundant filters, which ensure maximum safety for compounding pharmacists and technicians.
~ USP800 compliant Class I BSC for hazardous non-sterile compounding
~ Ductless, double HEPA filter design with Bag-In/Bag-Out system on each filter
~ Each HEPA filter is 100% independently scannable _ a Labconco exclusive

Includes analog airflow monitor & Epoxy work surface.

Patented RXPert Double Filtered Balance Systems are Class I biological safety cabinets that contain airborne particulates and powders, providing user protection during hazardous drug compounding or pharmaceutical manipulation. They are designed to meet the USP800 requirements for non-sterile hazardous compounding.

These systems exhaust air through two levels of HEPA filtration, returning it safely to the lab. Both filters are 100% scannable, and can be replaced using a true bag-in/bag-out system. No ducting is required.

Blower Requirements: Contains built-in blower and exhaust HEPA filter

USP800 compliance
Patented design
Deep interior of 23.4 in. (59.4 cm) or 30.0 in. (76.2 cm) depending on model
Ergonomic air foil with aerodynamic Clean-Sweep airflow openings
Upper dilution air supply
Upper containment sash foil
Zone-perforated, pivoting rear baffle
Side-entry air foils
Exhaust HEPA filter, 99.99% efficient on particles 0.3 micron in size
True bag-in/bag-out filter disposal system

Exclusive Features of RXPert Double Filtered Balance Systems:
True bag-in/bag-out HEPA filter disposal system allows for safe filter replacement.
Optimal HEPA filter location permits leak-detection scan of entire surface.
Upper dilution air supply sweeps clean air to the back of sash to keep contaminants away from the operator.
Upper containment sash foil directs contaminants away from the user's breathing zone.
Patented Clean-SweepÖ air foil allows air to sweep the work surface to maximize containment.
Patented rear baffle with zones of perforations promotes horizontal laminar airflow. The baffle pivots down for cleaning.
Deep 23.4 in. or 30.0 in. (depending on model) interior easily accommodates large analytical balances.

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