Labconco Xpert 3950601 Laminar Flow Hood (Class I)

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Clean Bench
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Dimensions (approx.):
72 x 29 x 46.3 in.H (outside)
Specify 115 or 230 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Product Description
6' XPert Filtered Balance System with Guardian Airflow Monitor. Contains built-in blower and exhaust HEPA filter. Sash Opening Height: 9.4 in. (23.9 cm)

XPert Filtered Balance Systems provide user protection by keeping powders and particulates contained during weighing procedures. The built-in blower and exhaust HEPA filter mounted in the upper plenum take up less space than a separate exhauster would require, and isolation supports minimize blower vibration.

Since HEPA filtered air is returned to the laboratory, these vented balance enclosures offer the added benefit of low installation costs and require no ducting to the outside. Interior dimensions accommodate large micro and analytical balances. Containment-enhancing features ensure that potent powders frequently found in pharmaceutical, dry chemical, mold and asbestos weighing operations are kept away from the operator.

~ Deep 23 in. or 30 in. interior to accommodate large micro and analytical balances
~ Ergonomic air foil with aerodynamic Clean-Sweep airflow openings
~ Upper dilution air supply
~ Upper containment sash foil
~ Zone-perforated rear baffle
~ Side-entry air foils
~ Exhaust HEPA filter, 99.99% efficient on particles 0.3 micron in size
~ True bag-in/bag-out filter disposal system
~ Built-in blower with dynamically-balanced, vibration-isolated motorized impeller
~ Intrinsically-safe, negative pressure design
~ Minihelic pressure gauge
~ Space-saving design. No separate filtered exhauster is required.
~ Upper diffuser screen
~ Quiet operation from 48-66 db(A) depending on airflow
~ Glacier white and gray, dry powder epoxy-coated aluminum frame and steel rear plenum and baffle. No unreliable plastic-to-plastic bonding is used.
~ Pre-wired fluorescent lamp and switches for blower and light
~ Speed control
1/4 in. thick tempered safety glass front sash and sides
9.4 in. or 12.0 in. high sash opening
~ Ergonomic 10 degree angled and hinged sash that pivots upward, locks for loading and has a wiping seal to contain contaminants
~ Two utility ports
~ Particulate containment independently verified by SafeBridge Consultants, Inc.

2', 3', 4', 5' and 6' widths
~ International electrical configuration.
~ Built-in Guardian 1000 Digital Airflow Monitor or Guardian Airflow Monitor

~ Work surface
~ Supporting base
~ Carbon Filters for Some Models (see brochure)

~ Trace Odor Carbon Filters
~ Utility Shelves
~ Canopy Connections for outside ducting
~ Remote Blowers for outside ducting
~ Ductwork for outside ducting
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Made in USA.
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