Koehler Instrument K34700 / K34701 (BVS4000) Viscosity Bath

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Alternate Names:
Petroleum Test Bath
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Dimensions (approx.):
36 in.W x 28 in.D x 43 in.H (outside)
Product Description
This BV4000 Brookfield Viscosity Air Bath System determines the low temperature, low shear rate viscosities of gear oils, automatic transmission fluids, hydraulic oils and other fluid lubricants by use of the Brookfield viscometer.
*** Request separate quotes on viscometers to use with this bath. ***

Features and Benefits:
~ Conforms to ASTM D2983 and related specifications
~ Mechanically refrigerated with digital temperature control
~ Operating range to -50°C
~ Sixteen sample capacity

Mechanically refrigerated cold cabinet prepares samples for Brookfield viscosity determinations on petroleum lubricants. A built-in turntable rotates the samples at 4 RPM per specifications. Cooling system maintains cabinet temperature within ±0.1°C at temperatures as low as -50°C. Cabinet temperature is displayed in digital format on the front panel. Cabinet accommodates sixteen (16) sample cells with cell carriers. Includes insulated cover.

Conforms to: ASTM D2983; IP 267 Method A; ISO 9262; CEC-L-18A
Capacity: Sixteen (16) sample cells with cell carriers
Temperature Range: -10°C to -50°C
Temperature Control Accuracy: ±0.1°C
Sample Rotation: 4 RPM

REQUIRED: Rotational Viscometer

Optional Accessories:
1 K34700-SFW-A Viscosity Software
Recommended for Air Bath Application
12 K34707 Cell Stopper (For K347-SP-L4)
1 K34770 Test Cell - Flat Bottom (pack of 12)
1 K34779 Spindle Support Clips (pack of 12)
12 K34705 Test Cell Cover
1 K34708 Insulated Cell Carrier (K34700 Air Bath Only)
1 250-000-123C ASTM 123C Thermometer (IP 95C)
1 250-000-124C ASTM 124C Thermometer (IP 96C)
1 250-000-125C ASTM 125C Thermometer (IP 97C)
Viscosity Standards
1 355-005-027 Viscosity Standard N27B
1 355-005-115 Viscosity Standard N115B
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Made in USA.
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